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Domaine de la Paleine 

In the heart of the Loire, Domaine de la Paleine produces Chenin Blanc from Saumur.  Grown in organically with biodynamic agriculture. The grapes are harvested by hand to preserve the integrity of the berry. Maturing in barrels will release and amplify the Chenin's aromas. A nose of white fruits, pear and candied fruits. The palate is ample with a tart character which favours freshness. Certified Organic.

Tenuta L'Armonia Italy

Tenuta l’Armonia is an agricultural project born in 2010 in Vicenza province, on the hills of Montecchio Maggiore. The aim is to enhance traditional grapes cultivated on 3 volcanic terroirs, according to the 3 principles of production.


There’s 8 wines in total, from Skin Contact Pinot Grigio and Carbonic Syrah to Pet Nat Frizzante and the 'Freak' Orange.


Domaine Balansa

Whilst visiting the family home in 2012, Céline Peyre first felt the strong pull to leave her life in the city and return to her roots, close to nature among the family vineyards.
Just three years later she and her partner; Alexandre Gressent had moved back to Corbieres to begin Domaine Balansa in collaboration with her parents.

These 14 hectares of old-vines had been in the Peyre family for several generations, with fruit mostly sold on to the local winemaking co-op. With the return of Céline, the family began to vinify their own crop for the first time.

Farming is organic, and in conversion to biodynamics since 2018, with the plots on schist, scattered over the wildly beautiful hillsides at 140-280 metres altitude in the Hautes-Corbieres.
We have four wines available from Céline and her family, and have been really enjoying their excellent expressions of this very special corner of France.

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