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Winery Overview

Haloze is one of the oldest and most traditional wine regions in Slovenia and Europe. The culture of growing vines here dates back 2000 years , to the time of the Romans. During the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Haloze was one of the most prestigious wine regions in the empire; from here the wines were sold to Vienna and elsewhere in the world. 

The city of Ptuj , which lies in the center of the region and is the oldest Slovenian city, was built on the wine trade, so to speak, and is the cradle of Slovenian winemaking.

The wine-growing sub-region of Haloze is about 20 -25 km wide. The vineyards are in sunny S, SE or SW locations. Due to the large slopes, the vineyards are mostly on terraces.

The vineyards stretch in the best locations, on the hills that surround the city of Ptuj.

The wine cellar is located in the heart of Haloze.



Our wines are distinguished by the unique imprint of the site, they are varietal, they come from colder wine-growing climatic areas. All this makes them unique and unique. In our wines, the sincere and genuine imprint of nature is especially expressed, the creation of nature and man create a harmonious whole that inspires all our receptors from the fragrant to those most receptive and sensitive taste buds.

The soil is rich in marl, the vines are on average over thirty-five years old, their deep roots are absorbed, and then they combine all the rich minerality of the soil in a grape berry. This is reflected in the fullness and sophistication of our wines.

Each variety is treated individually.

The creation of wine is always a reflection of the different ripeness of the grapes. Thus, we capture the entire varietal potential of an individual variety. 

In the processing of grapes, cold maceration plays a key role in the transfer of aromatic and mineral substances into the wine. Wines are further enriched with various methods and approaches of maturation, from the classic in stainless steel containers to maturation in wooden barrels, usually made of oak wood, and always one hundred percent on fine lees according to the well-known bâtonnage process.

Our wines are created in the spirit that wine can be one of the most precious spices of life when consumed responsibly, and every wine on this globe has its own moment in which it especially glows. We believe that one of our wines will irreplaceably spice up a moment in your life adventures, be it gastronomic, romantic, enjoying with friends or when you want to simply be with yourself and a glass of great wine.


Petillant Naturel

Byte Modra Frankinja Pét Nat, dry
Wine description : A cloudy rosé wine, where the slight playfulness of the sparkling of small bubbles enables a special experience of sparkling wine from the Slovenian autochthonous variety Modra Frankinja.
In aroma and taste it has a slightly yeast bouquet, which is complemented by varietal-characteristic strawberry and raspberry shades of aroma. It is an exciting and special wine.

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